Premises of this challenge is to play through Europe’s history. It takes about 35 in-game years (hopefully less in real years). I admit, I haven’t done it. But this version of rules has came from… about 10 starts. (Once I almost made to medieval times, but then I decided to rework the whole challenge, trice, so…)


The current rule-set is meant to work with several mods and hacked objects like Sim Blender, Larger Households, ACR, Visitor Controller, School Changer, Hacked Wedding Arch, and No Fear of Being Uneducated and something that allows you to kills sims on demand. You don’t have to use them! Just tamper the rule to fit your play-style.

Also, there are references for suicide, rape, incest, slavery, and child death. Feel free to ignore every rule that upsets you.

Rules for different times are here.


History is filled with all types of disasters. In my timeline I have brought out the biggest Europe-centered disasters. Word Wars are only wars I have bought out, since ever-continuous war would be boring.

Descriptions of disasters and suggestions  how to make them happen are here.


This is a timeline list of things invented and introduced to Europe made to fit game-years. The real-time length of those years varies to make sure that older times aren’t too slow. At the same time, it shows how invention has speed up.

I have also put various custom content in this timeline, most notably, everything by Sun & Moon.

Order of things is as follows: AgeAreas and lots; Game-play elements; Objects and skills; Plants and animals; Careers; Disasters; (Neighborhood objects)

View the historical timeline here.