The new clans soon discovered that while they all had their own track to follow, they were still together. When they reached one area, either another clan was already there or was soon to follow. They took it as a sign that Alpha’s dream spoke true.


Libra hunting a wolf, Beta fishing on the background.

Libra, as the eldest, became the leader of the Wolf clan, the smallest of four clans. He missed Virgo, sire of his children, but at least he was joined with his middle child, Theta. Also in the clan were Eta and Zeta, children of Gemini and Taurus.


The journey was sometimes perilous, the skies were not as forgiving as in the land they came from.

But not much happened except moving and finding food. Libra considered their clan lucky. Even though life was harder than it used to be, it was still nice.


Virgo hunting a bear.

Virgo became the leader of the Bear clan, with him came his two children, Epsilon and Lambda. Taurus was also in the clan and her two sons, Delta and Xi.

Epsilon and Delta fighting.

Delta had always been sickly (glitched) so his mothers, Aries and Taurus, tended to him like he was a toddler, worrying whether he had eaten, allowing him to do things that he wanted to do. So he grew up to have a rather bad temperament, teasing and bulling other children. So it was not a great surprise that at one point Epsilon snapped and their argument turned into a brawl.


Unfortunately for Delta, this was the last fight he was in. He got a wound that would not heal and soon started rotting and so Delta became a first person to die in this journey.


Delta’s mother, Aries, swore that when Delta took his last breath, she saw a grim figure shrouded in tattered cloak taking his spirit. So became the story of Grim Reaper.

Zeta and Epsilon flirting, Xi on the background.

But life went on and soon love was in the air. Epsilon found Zeta of the Wolf rather irresistible.

Virgo putting out fire, Aries panicking, Alpha just looking on,

And even though accidents happened, there were no more tragedies.


Leo hunting boar and hoping not to hit Eta.

Leo became the leader of the Boar clan. With him were Cancer, Taurus, Scorpio and his children, Gamma and Kappa.


Since Leo was only founder who had not yet had any children, Taurus agreed to carry him a child.


Cancer also was with child, sired by Scorpio.


Unfortunately, this pregnancy was very difficult for Taurus and she got deadly ill.

Leo begging, Scorpio, Eta, and Libra crying.

But Leo who, like Aries, saw a grim figure approaching his loved one, decided to try his luck and beg for Taurus’s life.


And what do you know, it worked! Taurus and her unborn child were returned to life.


Though pregnancy was still hard on her.

Theta and Kappa.

But at leas someone was happy: Kappa found love with Theta of the Wolf.

Taurus and Aloe.

Soon Taurus’s horrible pregnancy was over and she delivered a lovely daughter called Aloe.

Cancer and Pansy.

Cancer also delivered a healthy little girl called Pansy.


Capricorn hunting deer. On the background Pisces, Zeta, Beta, Sagittarius, and Leo.

Capricorn became the leader of the biggest of four clans – the Deer clan. He was especially lucky, because he could take with him his love Aquarius and their three children – Alpha, Iota, and Mu. With them was also Pisces with her youngest daughter Nu, and Sagittarius with his son Beta.

Nu and Mu fighting while Capricorn watches with horror.

There were problems with so many people being together. For example the children tended to act a little wild. Luckily, no-one had gotten seriously hurt yet.

Alpha’s and Beta’s first kiss.

But there were also good things – finding love inside of your own clan was one of them. It means that there were less treks to the other clan’s camp and less moping when the clans were on the move.

Aquarius and Iota, Pisces playing ball on the background.

Time passed, and soon Iota, Aquarius’s and Capricorn’s middle child was ready to choose her way in the world. She chose the way of Family and Romance.

Aquarius fishing.

And Aquarius soon found that she was expecting her fourth child.

Pisces followed by Mu.

Pisces also find herself pregnant from sharing tent with Sagittarius.

Aquarius, Acacia, and Pisces.

Aquarius gave birth to little girl and named her Acacia.

Pisces and Cyclamen.

Pisces gave also birth and her daughter was named Cyclamen.





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